Smallhouse Road Realignment

The long desired and much needed implementation of this project solved a serious traffic problem involving the juncture of two heavily traveled collector roads. Traffic on Smallhouse Road was forced to dogleg onto Cave Mill Road for approximately 400 feet in order to continue travel on Smallhouse Road. This situation caused significant traffic congestion and delays. The new design correctly aligns Smallhouse Road, removing the dogleg and creating 1,000 feet of new roadway. The design also provides lane widening and turn lanes to both roadways, as well as new signalization at the newly created intersection.

Obtaining the objective of the realignment involved complicated utility realignments; numerous meetings and negotiations with the City, various utility agencies, and impacted landowners; demolition and reshaping of the area of Smallhouse Road to be abandoned; and the creation of detention structures. In addition, the realignment also required negotiations and redesign of a parking lot of a church situated directly between the portion of Smallhouse Road to be abandoned and the portion to be newly created. The resulting realignment vastly improved traffic conditions in the area. The project was completed at the end of 2012.