A combination of excellence and value in civil engineering is a core principal at Landmark Engineering. We recognize the critical importance to all projects of getting the core components designed both correctly and efficiently. We strongly believe there is a difference between "just getting the job done" and performing a job with distinction. Skillfully and consciously merging the unseen and visible components creates the critical foundation on which all that follows is built, resulting in a harmonious and successful project.

Physical site analysis, evaluating and understanding contextual elements and unique characteristics, discerning the needs of the client and community, and looking both to the present and to the future are key components of successful land planning. We understand that excellence in land planning is just that — planning how to use the land. We strongly believe when correctly and professionally applied, land planning informs decisions, directs other disciplines, and finally achieves successful solutions for both our clients' and our communities.

Precision and clarity are fundamentally important as the basis for excellence and success with all projects. The land surveyors at Landmark Engineering adhere to this principal as a matter of course and professional application in everyday practice. Experience and leadership both in the field and in the office continue to produce a quality surveying product.

The success of a project is dependent on an ability to see not only the "big picture" but also the smallest detail when designing. Successfully designed planting plans, signage, walkways, architectural elements, and similar components are of primary importance to those who will interact with the project. Aesthetics and function are key for any project to be appreciated and used. All of this translates into use, marketability, and long-term success. Our landscape architectural professionals work closely with all aspects of a project to develop a positive solution that meets — and more often that not exceeds — our clients' vision.

Beyond design, a project is only as successful and lasting as the physical components of which it is comprised are properly and correctly applied and executed. Because of our strong adherence to this fact, we include materials testing as a vitally important service in our practice. We have the expertise and access to the most technologically advanced equipment to skillfully inspect and evaluate multiple materials for our projects.

Safely, efficiently, and reliably moving people and goods via multiple modes of transportation is vitally important to governments, private commerce, and our daily lives. Transporation design is a key service of our practice. We recognize that proper and successful application has a lasting impact.